Curarrehue Aquaculture.

ProChile supports the export of salmon eggs from the Araucanía Region

The facilities of Hendrix Genetics in Curarrehue, which were visited by the regional director of ProChile, offer a very high quality, characterized by the use of very pure spring waters.

The export of salmon eggs that allow the development of aquaculture in other countries is being carried out by a company from La Araucanía with the support of ProChile, which adds value and incorporates biotechnology into regional shipments.

The regional director of ProChile, Claudia Rojas, recently visited the reproduction center of Hendrix Genetics and met with the company's general manager, Rodrigo Torrijo, as reported through a press release.

The production of salmon eggs is a key component for the salmon industry, the second most important export sector in Chile after mining, which is why the safety and reliability offered by this producer stands out globally.

The company, which has its headquarters in the Netherlands, is known for its development in biotechnology, with continuous genetic improvement of sea trout and salmon, to have fish with rapid growth and high disease resistance. This genetic selection allows these eggs to develop into smolt which are then transferred to the sea for their adult development, until they reach the necessary weight for harvest.

The production of fertilized eggs and smolt of salmon has been carried out at this fish farm in Curarrehue for several decades, but ten years ago it was acquired by Hendrix Genetics, which focused exclusively on the national market until 2022. In August 2023, they made their first export to Russia and are currently prospecting other markets.

Claudia Rojas, regional director of ProChile in La Araucanía, toured the company's facilities in Curarrehue.

"ProChile has greatly facilitated contact with potential foreign clients in various countries. We have turned our commercial efforts towards exports and have already visited some potential markets, such as China and South Korea, where ProChile has been very helpful through contact with their commercial attachés, who have taken a very active role, because a key issue in our business is to achieve approval from the sanitary and veterinary authorities of each country that receives this product," explained Torrijo.

The manager of Hendrix Genetics pointed out that “our goal is to start exporting to a second market by 2024. We are in discussions with clients from China and South Korea. In the first case, it has been a slow process, mainly to meet these health requirements.”

The facilities located in the commune of Curarrehue, which were visited by the regional director of ProChile, offer a very high quality, characterized by the use of spring water of great purity, close to the Andes Mountains, which does not come into contact with other uses. “In addition, we produce eggs every month of the year. Unlike other producers who do it in a much more seasonal manner, we can offer a much more continuous supply throughout the year,” added the manager of Hendrix Genetics.

“The advantages of producing in La Araucanía and the reason why we are here is basically the availability of very good quality water and in the amount we require. We have good access with paved roads, as well as availability of labor that we have been qualifying over the years,” stated Torrijo.

For the regional director of ProChile, this company is an example of “the high potential that the La Araucanía Region has to add value to its exports through innovation, scientific research, and biotechnological development.”

According to Claudia Rojas, from the Regional Office of ProChile in Temuco, actions are coordinated with the ProChile Commercial Offices in China and South Korea, which allow progress in the technical process that enables these shipments, in coordination with other public agencies, such as Sernapesca.