First Latin American Meeting on Animal Welfare will focus on salmon farming

With a specialized room for aquaculture, the congress will feature talks by prominent salmon farming specialists.


Between the 24th and 25th of July, the first Latin American Meeting on Animal Welfare (ELBA 2024) will take place, an event that seeks to bring together professionals and suppliers from various areas to update knowledge about animal welfare.

The congress is aimed at the welfare of both companion and production animals, where aquaculture will have a specialized room, with talks from different experts on the subject.

Roberto Becerra, partner and founder of the Chilean Association of Animal Welfare.

In the area of aquaculture production, responsible practices for the cultivation of aquatic species will be analyzed, highlighting the methods that seek to ensure the welfare of these types of animals, as well as environmental sustainability with a holistic approach to production.

Roberto Becerra, partner and founder of the Chilean Association of Animal Welfare (ACBA) and one of the organizers of ELBA, commented to Salmonexpert, a media partner of LandbasedAQ, that this meeting arises as a response to the need for a high-level technical congress, developed by and for the animal protein production industry.

"This approach aims to overcome the limitations of previous meetings driven by animalist groups, whose perspectives often seem confusing to the industry and consumers. Inspired by the findings of the XI European Symposium on Animal Welfare, ELBA aims to promote ethical protein production, provide tools against external criticism, improve the industry's image, and reaffirm the quality and autonomy of Latin American production", said the expert.

In the room dedicated to aquaculture, and specifically on topics of interest for salmon farming, Becerra indicates that topics such as photoperiod, rational use of antibiotics, specific communication strategies for salmon, and the application of artificial intelligence in animal welfare will be addressed.

This section will feature presentations from experts such as: Fernando Mardones, academic from the Catholic University of Chile; Pablo Carrillo, Production Manager at Lago Sofia; Brian Wilhelm, Business Development Manager at Aquabyte; Marcela Lara, veterinary doctor and MSc in Health Management and Aquaculture; Gabrielle House, specialist in animal lighting applications for One Spy Signify, among others.

Regarding animal welfare in salmon farming, the partner and founder of ACBA shows that the industry has made significant progress in incorporating animal welfare into its practices, not only as a legal requirement, but as a fundamental ethical commitment. Innovations in procedures, good practices, and certifications are testimony to this commitment. The challenges in consumer perception, exacerbated by the criticism of abolitionist groups, highlight the importance of effective communication about our practices.

The meeting expects more than 500 attendees with 36 exhibitors from around the world.