Photo: Bioled.

Bioled celebrates 18 years in the aquaculture industry

The company, which was founded in Puerto Montt, Chile, currently provides technologies and services to the main aquaculture producers in Chile and the world.

In 2006, in Puerto Montt, sisters Ximena Navarro (Marine Biologist) and Cristina Navarro (Commercial Engineer) decided to embark on an innovative project focused on photoperiod systems to address the challenge of improving the productive efficiency of salmon farming. They applied for funding from Corfo and, with the subsequent award, their fate was sealed. To further support the technologies, they sought out their friend Claudio Bertín (Electronic Engineer), thus giving life on June 17, 2006, to the company Bioled.

Creation of Bioled.
Creation of Bioled.
Ximena Navarro, Claudio Bertín and Cristina Navarro.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of the 2010s, following the ISA crisis, the salmon industry faced one of the major challenges of reducing early maturity, which caused significant economic losses for producers, and where the base solution to this problem was the proper management of the photoperiod.

"Thus, the baseline of our solution has been enriched over time. We started by selling LED lamps, added biological and technical photoperiod services," says Cristina Navarro, who adds that "over the years we moved to a rental model, thus facilitating the massification of the use of photoperiod in the industry and now we have two major objectives we are working on, which are the automation of systems and sustainability."

Meanwhile, Ximena highlights that "from the first day, 18 years ago, we defined as our company's mission to be experts in photoperiod. For this, we created an R&D department and have devoted ourselves to studying the physiology and reproduction of salmon, the existing photoperiod techniques, the behavior of light in freshwater and sea phases, the specific wavelengths that participate in the process and we have studied how each of these variables affects real conditions in productivity. We have participated - directly or indirectly - in 18 research projects that have allowed us to know the benefits of applying photoperiod in aspects such as the reduction of early maturity, growth, and quality of smolt."

On his part, Claudio Bertín points out that, "since our beginnings, we have focused on developing and incorporating into our teams the technical improvements indicated by our clients, technological advances in the area of lighting, as well as in automation and control of our systems. Today we have a highly qualified human team, which allows us to ensure that our clients work with cutting-edge LED and control technology adapted for demanding use in aquaculture".

Currently, as Bioled celebrates another anniversary, they are present in the main global aquaculture companies, have more than 100 collaborators, and have achieved the most important certifications in the national and international market. Cristina comments that "we are proud of the path we have traveled, our idea is bigger than we ever imagined and we recognize in the national and international aquaculture industry the engine that encourages us to continue working and set new challenges".