Hollemberg Aquaculture from the AquaChile group.

AquaChile announces its milestones in the use of desalination systems

At the Hollemberg fish farm, they implemented a desalination system, which provides 100% fresh water to the facility without using water from the Hollemberg river.

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In its 2023 Integrated Report, AquaChile group disclosed some milestones achieved last year, two of them in the area of water responsibility.

In this regard, at the Hollemberg fish farm, they implemented a desalination system, which has been supplying the facility with fresh water 100% since 2022, without using water from the Hollemberg river, they detailed.

Furthermore, since December 2022, and throughout 2023, the desalination plant at the Pargua transfer center for fish farming has been operating, with this technology increasingly being used in salmon farming.

"Our fish farms have water use rights granted by the DGA. We respect the maximum extraction and usage values authorized, keeping in mind ecological values to minimize the impact on the environment as much as possible. All the water used in our land-based production processes is treated and returned to the respective watercourses, complying with the applicable standard", they explained.

On the other hand, they added, "we have open flow fish farms and recirculation systems. Every day we check all units and perform periodic maintenance on the water treatment system (influent and effluent). The focus of water treatment in the Industrial Area is aimed at regulatory compliance".

And for this, "we measure parameters and monitor indicators of water consumption and discharge, considering the volumes of water, RILes and their relationship with the processed biomass, to verify that they are within the limits established by current regulations and thus be able to mitigate risks related to water".

According to AquaChile group, "the water we use, whether fresh or sea, is purified by chlorination and there is no water reuse. In addition, we have implemented activated sludge treatment processes and DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) in certain industrial plants".